baseline testing

Baseline testing is the testing that is done pre-injury.

For youth athletes, it is recommended that testing be done beginning at the age of 5, with the Pediatric Test, and beginning the adult test beginning at the age of 11. It is suggested that athletes are retested every two years until their athletic career is completed. Retesting at two year intervals is recommended for young athletes as their brains are continually developing.

In college, the athlete should be tested during his/her freshman year and again during his/her junior year. At the professional level, each athlete should be tested once.

A Head of the Game, provides Baseline testing on an individual or group basis. Appointments are necessary.

Testing can be done at either of our testing locations in Scituate, Braintree, or Cambridge. In addition, we can test at your location, providing you have internet access and a quiet testing space.

As this is an internet based test, there are no geographic limitations as to where we can test. Please contact us for more information on out of state testing.

Recently, an international panel of sports medicine experts has referred to neuro-coginitve testing as the "cornerstone" of concussion management. If your athlete is injured and sustains a concussion, wouldn't you want to have all of the tools necessary to ensure that he/she returns to play only when safe to do so? Why wait, call us today to schedule an appointment.

concussion education talks

We understand that it is necessary for coaches, parents, and players alike to know the signs and symptoms of concussions. A Head of the Game, provides Concussion Education Talks in order to educate all those involved in sports about concussions. The knowledge gained during these talks are vital to properly identifying concussions. Why let more time go on without knowing the signs and symptoms of a concussion? Call us today to schedule a Concussion Education Talk in your community.

“I think this is great. My son suffered a concussion last year and it was a horrible injury. I learned so much about concussions since then and I am a big supporter of the ImPACT™ studies. Thank you for being involved in this important tool.”
— Kathleen Smiddy, Parent